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I hold be have problems urinating?
When I do, I have a sharp, almost cramping pain within my left side. The pain is close to the surface give or take a few two inches to the right of my pelvis, on my front. My biological sister has had a history of

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What's the best acne treatment for a 14 year aged boy?
Not bad acne, just regular pimples. Before I spend big bucks I entail reviews.

How can you describe if you sugar stratum is elevated or low?
i am at work i cant go check it but i feel a bit sick to my stomach. My finger tips are cold and i feel a little dizzy close to i could pass out any minute. How can i tell if my dugar height

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What be this? A bake stroke or something else?
I'm re-asking the question since I only get one answer last time. Last fall/summer I was running cross country speed drills (800's). At the wind up of my third I starting breathing really fast (I guess I was hyperventilating?). Then my coach told me

What are the symptoms of a broken ankle that hasn't set properly?
My 12 yr old daughter broke her ankle roughly a year ago( back of ankle) She be in plaster for 6 weeks 2 in soft and 4 contained by fibreglass. She has been complaining for sometime in a minute that her anke hurts but I

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What to do past a tatoo to prevent misery? it hurts!?
On the outside of my leg

What is a really polite diet that in actuality works?
i need to lose weight asap yes i love my self im not insecure but i am harmful so i need to do summthin to make me glowing as far as my weight and im a teen so i dont have much give support to


Men's strength risks beside mountain biking?
I'm 20 and like mountain biking. Are there any risks for mountain biking that affect guys contained by particular? Any ways to prevent these risks?

Any counsel on how to raise volume of your voice?
It's better explained in my example: At bars surrounded by my college town its really loud, between the music going and lots of people talking and dance and everything... When I'm there with friends, I enjoy to basically yell to chitchat to them, but

I of late get a blood check today und..?
Me found out. That my body should have atleast 30 in a iron count. But me enjoy only 9. Was do i do to get it difficult? Danke.

Has anyone ever hear of Reliv Powdered Dietary Supplement?
My mother has recently started taking this powdered dietary shake, and it looks close to it has a lot of great nutrients within it, lots of vitamins, folic acid, iron, calcium, potassium, etc... I really want to take it regularly, as she have really

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I hatred the essence of toothpaste (hate minty paste) facilitate!?
I wanna brush my teeth and i do, but the taste makes me sick! what do u recomend?

I have 3 prudence teeths pulled yesterday. What is this huge blood clot?
I had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday and this morning, I woke up to find a blood clot the size of my thumb on one side. I touched it beside a tissue and it fell out. Surprisingly, I feel no pain though. What is this?

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